The SWEAT Method™ energizes and rejuvenates while building strength & endurance. The combination of cardio yoga with reiki energy healing creates a powerful shift in your mood. All classes are set to fun music to come back to again and again. Join the community with other yogis practicing just like you.


Jess Penesso is the Founder of The SWEAT Method™, a RYT 400HR Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master. After practicing and teaching yoga for 8+ years, she could not find a class that spoke to the body, mind, & soul so she created it. SWEAT stands for Surrender, Work, Energize, Activate, & Transform. And this Membership site is broken into sections to help you transform in mind, body, and soul. The SWEAT Method Signature Class is a 60 minute upbeat cardio yoga class with meditation and reiki. SURRENDER are reiki meditations helping us with everything from lowering stress , to sleep, to manifest your goals. WORK are HIIT and conditioning workouts. ENERGIZE are upbeat and energizing cardio yoga flows. ACTIVATE are Vinyasa yoga flows and stretches. TRANSFORM are online workshops (ie: moon circles, happiness workshops, etc.) All together we will SWEAT - get sweaty & spiritual with the workout that does more!

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