The workout platform that builds a lean and strong body and gives you that "on vacation" feeling from home. The unique blend of yoga with reiki energy healing creates a powerful shift in your mindset while you move your body. All classes are set to upbeat and popular music. Each month join workout challenges to keep you on track with with other yogis practicing just like you.

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Get an instant mood boost? Lower anxiety with ease? Enjoy your home workout (and stop shutting it off in 10 minutes in)? Tone your muscles and create a lean and strong body ? Have a community that’s supportive and you want to workout with? Deepen your yoga practice? Then you’re in the right place! Welcome to The Sweat Method™

Get Active in The SWEAT Membership Community. Like-minded yogis who are practicing just like you to transform their mind, body, & soul!

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$88.88/month or $555.55/year. New Workouts and Meditations Every Week. Monthly Challenge. Unblock Your Chakra programs.